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#SSC-WLC Web Links Categorizer

Categorize your web links! This is an add-on created by Keith D Commiskey

Details/Instructions: http://kdcinfo.com/catalog/

Licensing: I'm not in this for the money, per se. However, I do hope to recoup a little of the time I put into creating these modules.

That in mind, all I ask is if you plan on using a module on more than 1 catalog, with the cost as low as it is, that you purchase up to the first three. After that, you can feel free to use these modules on however many other catalogs as you'd like.

And being mods created by KDC-Info (Keith D Commiskey), I'm also hoping and relying on developers not sharing these amongst themselves. I know the developers and catalog owners interested in these are conscientious enough to honor these considerations.


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