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#RATE Product RATINGS and/or Category RATINGS
This is the Ratings Mod for the Simple Site Catalog. It will allow your visitors to rate either products or entire categories. You can control which level your visitors can rate, either globally, or on a per-category basis.

The rating system utilizes an AJAX call, which makes the rating immediate.

There is also an admin page that will allow you to delete individual ratings.

The star rating image files can be renamed, given a different image filename extension, or given a different location. And in addition to being able to adjust the rating image height and width, there are also a handful of other options, including:

  • Display a success alert box after rating is made.
  • Allow visitors to reset their ratings (individually).
  • Reload the page after rating or reset (not recommended).
  • Show how many visitors have rated and the current average (Display the number of ratings per number of visitors).
  • Set to true to show a message when there are no ratings (i.e., "Be the first to rate this"). Only applies if above is option is checked.

This item has been combined into the "Reviews AND Ratings Mod" and is no longer available as a 'stand alone product.

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