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These Mods are for the Simple Site Catalog only. Some are already available at the Modmeister site, where you are able to purchase and immediately download the file.

In the meantime, if you need any of these modifications which haven't been 'ported', the Modmeister is supporting them "as is". Feel free to purchase them here and The Modmeister will send you the appropriate file.

Note: These Mods are NOT for the NEW 2.81 version, we are busy converting them.

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Product RATINGS and/or Category RATINGS-simple site catalog, rating system, product ratings, category ratings
Product RATINGS and/or Category RATINGS
Product REVIEWS and/or Category REVIEWS-simple site catalog, product reviews, category reviews
Product REVIEWS and/or Category REVIEWS
$19.95 $16.95
Custom Boxes-simple site custom boxes, catalog custom boxes, custom boxes
Custom Boxes
Thumbnail Image Size Override Mod-simple site catalog, Thumbnail Image Size Override
Thumbnail Image Size Override Mod
Web Links Categorizer-simple site builder installation, catalog install, online catalog installation, web links, weblinks, categorization, categorizing
Web Links Categorizer
Product Advanced Highlighter-simple site catalog, Product Advanced Highlighter
Product Advanced Highlighter
Visitor Wishlist-simple site catalog, wishlist mod, product wishlist, visitor wishlist
Visitor Wishlist
$14.95 $9.95
E-mail Order Updates to Customers-simple site catalog, E-mail Order Update
E-mail Order Updates to Customers
test 1

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