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Now introducing Release 2.81

A powerful yet simple and affordable online web store building system which offers a multitude of options, including a built-in CMS (content management system), a built-in multi-product editor, and a built-in Froogle feed submission feature for simple Froogle updates.

The Simple Site Catalog works seamlessly with either the free or premium Mals-e shopping cart and commerce services. Bring your products to market in addition to building a community of returning and repeat customers. Keep it simple, and give it to them straight.

New Features

  • Fifteen category slots per item
  • Five pop up page slots per item
  • An updated stconfig.php file
  • Cookie-less format for gift certificates, guestbook and wholesale accounts
  • New Mals gift certificate format
  • Functions in the product variables to increase catalog speed
  • Whizzywig html editor update
  • Graphic display in the image list
  • Unordered list (<li>), bullets and buttons navigation types for pages and categories
  • Vertical or the new unordered list category navigation can display just the first, second or third level categories
  • Google Product Search feeds were updated to allow product identifiers (UPC, ISBN, EAN, JAN, MPN and/or Brand)
  • A Monthly Totals report has been added to the storeadmin orders area
  • An optional IP address check has been added to discourage clients from taking a license when they switch hosts.
  • Gift certificates have been updated to use the Mals Gift Certificates setup for the buy buttons. (Certificates must be managed through Mals.)

Key Features
Below are a few of the key features of the Simple Site Catalog system:

  • CMS: Includes content management system to allow you to give clients a whole site system - perfect for new clients or site redesigns.
    • Allows clients to add unlimited pages.
    • Allows clients to make changes to existing pages.
    • Provides a WYSIWYG web editor for the page system.
  • Templates: Allows for flexibility in page design.
    • Use your own custom HTML template -OR- use one of the included templates -OR- create your own templates.
    • Allow customers to select a template, add or modify their own custom design or both.
    • Allows the use of different templates for different pages as desired.
  • Permissions: The reseller has a "master password" that gives total control over what the client can and cannot do.
    • Resellers choose whether clients can access different site features or not.
    • Allows resellers to make page adding/editing available or not, and can limit features within the page editing.
    • Resellers can choose to give clients permission to change their design template, use custom templates, both or neither.
  • Site Features: The system includes several optional site features that can be used to give clients additional site functionality.
    • Contact Form - For clients to request additional information.
    • Event Calendar - A list of events for the company, visible to customers.
    • Links Page - A list of links that the company wants to share to the public.
    • Guest Book - Allows customers to share their comments.
    • Articles - Lists articles that your client wants to share.
    • FAQ Creator - Lists frequently asked questions for your clients' customers.
    • Site Map - Shows all the pages on the site, dynamically.
    • Site Search - Allows customers to search for pages by keyword.
    • Catalog Search - Optional advanced search page allows your customers to find specific products by keyword(s), category, and/or price range.
    • Error Page - Creates an automatic error page if a page is mistyped.
  • Catalog System: Allows clients to take orders online.
    • Integrates seamlessly with the standard Mals-E shopping cart for a database-driven system.
    • Customers can search products and descriptions by keyword or category.
    • Thumbnail images pop-up to show larger images or an html page for details.
    • Optional Order, Search and View Cart buttons can be added to match your site's look.
    • Catalog page contains page numbers with Previous/Next links for loading ease.
    • Optional cart quantity and totals on your catalog page keep your customer's total within sight at all times.
    • Dynamic continue shopping links mean your customers will come back to the exact page they were looking at before.
    • Unlimited options with attributes (ex. color, size, style) can be added for each item.
    • Unlimited price-changing option with attributes (ex. X-Large is a higher price than Small, Medium or Large) can be added to each item.
    • Sale, Out of Stock and Inactive status capabilities for your products
      Categories can have subcategories, organized in the administration area.
    • Unlimited categories, products and options can be added.
    • Forgot your password link emails your information incase you forget it.
    • Five categories for each item.
    • Optional multi-column templates (2, 3 or 4 columns to open into a "more info" setup) gives you flexibility with your designs.
    • Uses html extensions (if your server supports it).
    • Customers can also search by catalog number or price for products.
    • Add product keywords that don't show on the catalog page, but are searchable.
    • List items sold as "out of stock", with or without a "limited quantity" custom message, or don't show at all.
    • Item lists in administration area allow you to view items by a particular category or keyword.
    • Set categories, items or options to be inactive so they don't display
    • Set descriptions for each of your categories.
    • Unique meta tag keywords and descriptions for each category make your catalog page search engine compatible.
  • Advanced Ecommerce: Offer additional features to your clients for added sales.
    • Featured Products - Display a list of your client's featured items for quick sales.
    • Price Discounts - Offer quantity discounts to customers.
    • Gift Registry / Wish List - Allow customers to save product wish lists, or include a bridal, baby or gift registry.
    • Coupon Page - Offer coupon codes for global discounts.
    • Gift Certificates - Allow clients to offer gift certificates to customers.
    • Froogle Feeder - Upload a file directly to Froogle
    • Inventory Control - Gives clients the ability to set and track. quantities for all or some products and/or the first product option*.
    • Related Products - List of up to 5 related items for each product gives you more selling power.
    • Wholesale Capabilities - Password protected wholesale area allows qualified vendors to purchase items at their specific wholesale discount.
    • Default Products - Set any item or option as a "default" to make adding new products easier.
    • Product Reports - Show catalog pages in printable form and display packing lists for customers.
    • Order Tracking - View orders, show best selling sales reports, and allow clients to view their order status if desired.
    • Affiliate Integration - Connect your catalog to the mTracker affiliate program.
    • Global Changes - Upload product text files, globally change sale prices, or globally delete products.
    • Email a Friend - Optional links let customers send friends product information for purchase at a later time.
  • Additional Features: The system also includes.
    • A password protected administration area - the password is hashed and a user name included for added security.
    • Upload images right in the administration area - no FTP needed.
    • Page grouping allows you to set different page groups in different areas of the site - allow clients to change groups if desired.
    • Database backup is included in the administration area - no need to access phpMyAdmin.
    • Brandable - resellers may add their own footer, headers and colors to the administration area if desired.
    • Files reside on your web site's server, so you're not dependent on other sites for your data, nor do you need to pay monthly or per-product fees.
    • Fully customizable for those with PHP / mySQL experience.

* Only HTML templates can be integrated. Inventory control requires payment systems that use the Mals-E remote call feature. View requirements for more info.

Semi-Live Demo
If you would like to test drive the Simple Site Catalog from the drivers seat, that is, see what some of the administrative features look and work like, click on over to the Administration section. Username and Password are both: Demo NOTE:There are some features within this site that are not fully available due to this being a publicly available demo.

Custom Mods
Custom mods will enhance this already fully featured catalog. You can check out the current selection of mods available from  - NOTE: There are some still available on this site, but will eventually be phased out and sold at The Modmesiter site.

A web host with PHP 4.3.0 or higher and mySQL 3.23 or higher. You must be able to FTP files and change file permissions to use the system. The files require less than 1.5 Mb of space. The database of this demo catalog is approximately 200 Kb.

License/Domain Transfers
Licenses are available to be transferred for up to one year from the date of issue. License transfers can only be requested by the original purchaser. If the original purchaser has sold the domain to be transferred from, a receipt of sale must be provided. In addition, the domain must show to be owned by the new owner (via a domain lookup service).

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